Scientific Evolution of The Holy Quran Allah neither begets or is born. LAM YALID WALAM YOOLAD Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear SURAH BAQARAH | VERSE 286 Allah Says, "And Speak to people kindly."

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         Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah. I am a doctor (specialised in surgery). Some of you may wonder why a doctor is writing on this topic, rather than on medicine. So, I feel that I should answer to your this query first. From my childhood, I had a deep interest in and attachment with Islam. Home and abroad wherever I traveled, I tried to learn about the perceptions and ideas of Muslims and non-Muslims on Islam. When I came back home from the United Kingdom, I thought that I studied hard and earned MBBS and FRCS degrees to support my livelihood. Now if I die without studying the Holy Qur’an with its meanings and commentary and Allah asks me ‘You studied big books in English language and became a specialist doctor but did you read the Qur’an with its meaning that I have sent to you in Arabic, outlining the code of life?’, then what will be my answer? Out of this understanding, I began studying the Holy Qur’an with explanation.

Due to my primary education in Madrasa (Islamic school), I was able to read and write Arabic. Afterwards, I gained more command in Arabic through conversation with patients and people during my four years of stay in Iraq. When I started studying the Holy Qur’an, I noticed that there are many colloquial Arabic words in the Qur’an that are spoken in Iraq and I can easily understand them. So I felt a lot of enthusiasm and got fresh momentum. I remain very busy with my profession but still I made out time to read at least some verses (Ayah) of the Holy Qur’an and continue studying it with detailed commentary. I read between the lines of the Qur’an as I read books on surgery. For explanation I went through several Tafsirs. It took me about three years to complete studying the whole Qur’an. After reading the whole Qur’an that is after leaning all the first grade fundamentals as well as other aspects of Islam, I was surprised to see the huge difference between the lessons of the Qur’an and the perceptions of the common people.

Founder member


Prof. Shah Mohammad Zakirullah Shajli.
Professor and Head Department.
Department of Sociology & political science.
Kochua Bangabondhu Government Degree College.

Founder- Member of executive assembly.
Quranic Research Foundation.

Shah Mohammad Zakirullah Shajli is a very pious muslim. After attaining the highest degree in general education, the Govt: by keeping the job right again, has been able to come so close to Allah Almighty, the second such example I have not heard of.

Founder member


Mawlana Md Monir Hosen.
(depertment of hadeya)

Hazarat Fatema-tuj-Johura Mohila Dakhil Madrasha.
Kochua- Bangladesh.

Founder- Member of executive assembly.
Quranic Research Foundation.

scientific evolution of the holy quran

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We are a non-profit voluntary social organization. My organization runs madrasas at this time. In future, we plan for a madrasa of old aged people. At present, we runs  madrasas

1.Khwaja-Yusuf Ali Jame mosque .

Address: Koroyah 4no. word . Kochua Porowshoba, Kochua , Chandpur,  Bangladesh. 

2. Morhum Yousuf Ali Talimul Quraan Nurani hafezi Madrasa .

Address :Khwaja-Yusuf Ali Complex .

Koroyah 4no. word, Kochua porowshoba, Kochua, Chandpur, Bangladesh. 

5. Bhuiyan memoriel academy

3. Haji Taleb Ali Primary Health Care and Charitable Hospital .

Address :Khwaja-Yusuf Ali Complex.

Koroyah 4no. word, Kochua porowshoba, Kochua, Chandpur, Bangladesh. 

4. Hazrat Fatema Tuj Johura Women’s Dakhil Madrasa .

Address :Khwaja-Yusuf Ali Complex .

Koroyah 3no. word, Kochua porowshoba, Kochua, Chandpur, Bangladesh. 

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“Mash’Allah!! If your on a busy schedule, you only need about 20-30 minutes per week and you will progress a great amount over time without even noticing how much you have learnt so quickly!

Mohammad Rasel

Student, Chadpur

“Alhamdulillah I have had a great time with Understand Quran from the time I came upon it almost a year back now and continue to love and admire it everyday.

Moinuddin Khan

Student, Chadpur

“I am feeling that my stubborn heart is turning towards Allah SubhanhuwataAllah each step that we take to understand Quran we feel we are getting closer and

Helal Ahmed

Businessman, Chadpur