All are swimming in an orbit Wavy Daylight and Night

In the holy Quran this movement is described as follows: (And he is the one who created the night, daylight, sun and the moon, all are swimming in an orbit). (The Profits: 33).

From my point of view, I think God used the names of the sun, moon, night, and daylight as symbols of the four heavenly cosmic creatures:
Night (darkness): nowdays symbolizes dark matter, or what is sometimes called the cosmic fluid, or fabric of ths cosmos. Dark matter did not glow by the passage of light. Daylight: symbolizes the gases of the earth atmosphere, or other gases in the universe that glow by the passage of light, Sun: symbolizes the stars and the sources of energy and cosmic tremendous heat & electromagnetic radiation. Moon: a symbol of the cold rocky objects in the universe.

So night, daylight, sun, and moon are only a set of nearby symbols, that are close to us in the universe, and are having masses, energy, radiation…etc.

The idea behind all of this, is that if God is telling us: (All are swimming in an orbit). This means that the natural mechanical movement of every thing in the universe, either it is radiation, dark matter, energy or solid masses, it is swimming, or what we call in physics wavy motion, this agrees with the assumption of the Austrian physicist Erwin Rudolf Schrödinger which suggests that (Every point in the universe has a wave function).

In the first article that I have written on this website, it is found that the wavy orbits of the small celestial objects are accumulating around the wavy orbits of the leader  bigger celestial objects, Fig. 1 is showing clearly that result.

But, as Fig. 1 is based on the principle all are swimming in an orbit, and as the swimming meaning is based on the movement of the sea water waves, are the sea water waves accumulating in such a way

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