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The special miracle of holy Quran.

ইংরেজি ভাষায় This এবং That এর ব্যাবহার অনেকেই অবগত আছেন। নিকটবর্তী কোন ব্যাক্তি বা বস্তুর প্রতি নির্দেশ করতে This ব্যাবহার করা হয় এবং দূরবর্তী ব্যাক্তি বা বস্তুর প্রতি নির্দেশ করতে That ব্যাবহার করা হয়। বাংলায় যেমন (এইটা এবং ঐইটা) ব্যাবহার করার প্রচলন আছে। অনুরুপ ভাবে আরবি ভাষায় রয়েছে (হাজা & জালিকা) শব্দের ব্যাবহার। অর্থাৎ আরবি […]

Medical References at the shadows of Surat Al Kahf

The Quranic chapter 18 : “The Cave”  (Al Kahf)  was revealed to answer few questions which the mushriks (unbelievers) of Makkah, had put to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in order to test him.. One of the questions was : Who were “the Sleepers of  the Cave” ?  The disbelievers of Makkah were told that the story of […]

Diet During Ramadan

INTRODUCTION Fasting during the Islamic month of Ramadan can be good for one’s health and personal development. Ramadan fasting is not just about disciplining the body to restrain from eating food and drinking water from predawn until sunset. The eyes, the ears, the tongue, and even the private parts are equally obligated to be restrained […]

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are a Byproduct of Lewdness

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:  “Never does sexual perversion become widespread and publicly known in certain people without them being overtaken by plague and disease that never happened to their ancestors who came before them.”(Reported by Ibn Majah.) He (peace be upon him) also said:  “Whenever adultery becomes a widespread phenomena among certain people, death […]

Allah Has Power Over Everything

Allah, the Creator of everything, is the sole possessor of all beings. It is Allah Who heaps up the heavy clouds, heats and brightens the Earth, varies the direction of the winds, holds birds suspended up in the sky, splits the seed, makes a man’s heart beat, ordains photosynthesis in plants, and keeps planets in […]

The fall of atheism

There are significant turning points in the history of mankind. We are now living in one of them. Some call it globalization and some say that this is the genesis of the “information age.” These are true, but there is yet a more important concept than these. Although some are unaware of it, great advances […]

Scientific teams in Islamic civilization

Introduction “Scientific teams” are a new basis with which Muslims changed the way of thinking of former scientists. For the first time in history, Muslims formed an integrated scientific team that included more than a scientist specialized in more than a field. Eventually, they provided us with a useful integrated work, which would not see […]


Al-Kindi General Hospital, one of the biggest medical centres in present day Baghdad was named after the tremendous contributions in medical and pharmaceutical disciplines of the great Arab philosopher al-Kindi. Al-Kindi was best known as a philosopher, but he was also a physician, pharmacist, He was also concerned with music, physicist, mathematician, geographer, astronomer, and […]

The Seven Earths

Hadith 1 It was narrated on the authority of Abu Salamah that a dispute arose between him and some other people (about a piece of land).  When he told Aisha (the Prophet’s wife) about it, she said, ‘O Abu Salamah!  Avoid taking the land unjustly, for the Prophet said: “Whoever usurps even one span of […]

Every Man has 360 Joint Bones

‘A’ishah (A.S.) narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Everyone has been created with three hundred and sixty Joints. Whoever mentions Allah’s greatness (says Allahu Akbar), praises Allah, extols Allah, and seeks forgiveness from Allah and removes stones from the path of the people, enjoins what is good and forbids the evil to the amount of […]