1. To identity the basic misconception prevailing in the Muslim society.
2. To discover the real and updated facts about the matters by doing research in the light of the facts of Allah given sources Qur’an, Sunnah and Common sense.
3. To convey those facts to all human beings in the world through modern information technology.
4. To develop competent Daees (Speakers) to present the discovered facts in the society.


1.To conduct research on ‘Qur’an and “Sunnah”.
2.To publish research oriented books on ‘Qur’an’ and ‘Sunnah’.
3.To provide assistance for publishing research oriented books on Islam.
4.To published VCD on research-oriented subjects.
5.To convey the subjects to the people all over the world through websites.
6.To conduct suitable training programmed with a view to develop competent Daees (Speakers).
7.To conduct appropriate training programmed to promote and develop competent researchers.
8.To arrange seminars and symposium on research oriented subjects.
9.To exchange views with various Islamic institutions and personalities from home and abroad.
10.To conduct competitions for inspiring the people to acquire Islamic knowledge.
11.To set up libraries.
12.To Conduct training for recitation of Holy Qur’an by expressing appropriate expressions.
13.To establish publishing institution.